You should be a letter of Christ

Letter and pen

“You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men; being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” – 2 Corinthians 3:2-4 NASB


You should be a letter of Christ, this should be true of all believers, but unfortunately is about as far from the truth as it gets of most that “claim” the title of christian.

The world, and especially America, are becoming less and less tolerant of christians; I honestly do not blame them. So many people who call themselves by this title have made such a mockery of what a true walk with God should look like that its a joke. There was only one group of people Jesus did not put up with and actually called “vipers”, and those were the religious. Those who looked down their noses upon the people who were slaves to sin and death, yet so blind to their own bondage they could not see that they were crucifying The Lord of glory.

Jesus did not come for the healthy, He came for the sick, for what need do the healthy have for a physician. The Lord had compassion on those who were broken in spirit and had made a mess of their lives. He had the same compassion on me, and I owe Him everything for it.

I tell you right now that The Lord delivers, and He will rescue all of those who call upon His name. He will come tenderly to you and release you from your burden. He will not ask you for money, He will not make you act like a fool such as we see so much on “christian” television, He will not condemn you, He will not come and beat you over the head with commandments; but He will convict you and if you truly want to walk with Him in freedom it will cost you everything. The conviction comes to show you how much you truly are a slave to sin.

Do not be deceived into thinking all will be peaches and roses once you give your life to God, He truly will become Lord if you choose to walk with Him and the path is not easy. But He will guide you by His Spirit and be your strength everyday, and every step of the way, and I promise you it is so worth it.

Many will say “well why do I have to keep all these rules and live a dull life just go to heaven?”, I tell you now that living a life as a slave to sin is the ultimate delusion. You have been tricked into thinking that you will gain something of profit or that the instant gratification of doing something you know is wrong is worth it, but it only produces death. Look at every ungodly act and see how the fruit is death, yet at the time we are deceived by the enemy into thinking that its going to gratify us and something good will come of it.

I’m sure every addict, every person with an STD, every person who’s family has been torn apart by an affair, and the list goes on and on, although when they were deceived into acting on the lie that convinced them that it would somehow bring them enjoyment it seemed like a good idea. At the same time these people had no ability in themselves to overcome these lies and the temptation thereof because a power greater than them was was work. As I said before the conviction comes to show you how much you truly are a slave to sin, and if you don’t think you are a slave to it and don’t obey it’s commands just try going a single day without having any unclean or prideful thoughts. Just try to go a day without watching the absolute trash that is on TV now a days, or not cussing, or giving up anything that even seems like it might not be profitable for a day and see how hard it is. Who is the one that is living a life obeying commands when you see it in the life of truth? The only difference is one is blind and does not know they are a slave, the other has been delivered and chooses to walk with God, and the fruit of that obedience is life instead of death.

I’m sure all the things above started in enjoyment for anyone in those situations, there was a temporary gratification that was a lie (take that drug, or drink that drink, it will be so pleasurable), and the true fruit is death. They were slaves to the fallen nature of man, and that is a result of all of mankind being sold into slavery by Adam in the Garden of Eden.

I tell you now it is possible to be delivered from this slavery, and until you are you will never be able to realize that by not heeding the Lord’s words you are just obeying the commands of another who only seeks to steal, kill, and destroy your life… this is the true truth and the real reality of it all. I pray in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ that this note would pierce directly to the heart of whomever He put it on my heart to wire this for.

You know who you are, you feel the stirring in your soul now, you know I am telling you the truth. Feel free to send me a note on the Contact page if you would like to talk further or if you would like prayer. The Lord put the same stirring into my soul years ago when I was seeking answers, seeking the truth, and seeking a way out of the mess of a life I had created for myself. If the Lord could bring me out of the place I was in He can do it for anyone. Trust in Him, and call upon His name, He will meet you where you are and reveal all things to you.


In the love of our glorious King Jesus Christ,

Your brother

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